Cocktail Injections & Add ons

Cocktail Injections

Cocktail Injections services offered in St Louis County, Overland, MO

My Blooming Health offers IM (Intramuscular) injections.  You may also "add on" a shot to your already ordered Vitamin Drip.

IM injections and Add on's (to current drip) offered:

$20: Amino Acids-Amino blend could help boost your metabolism, improve energy levels, increase endurance, and help
to burn fat.

$25: B12 by Methylcoblamin- can regulate metabolism, boost immunity, increase energy levels + assist with mental clarity.

$40: Biotin- may improve conditions such as skin rashes, brittle nails, thinning hair, diabetes, or nerve pain.  This will alter lab levels such as thyroid, vitamin D, troponin, liver enzymes and more

$35: Glutamine- the most abundant free amino acid in the body. , glutamine plays a key role in fueling the body’s natural healing processes and healthy organ function.

$40: Glutathione- a powerful antioxidant comprised of amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid. e. It may improve immune response, help to metabolize toxins and activate nzymes, aid the liver in metabolizing alcohol, reduce the amount of fat stored in the belly, help to reduce oxidative stress, and improve complexion. 

$45: Lipo +: Studies reveal a 2-4lb weight loss per week. Routine exercise and lower calorie intake is encouraged for best results.

$40: Tri-immune-s a powerpacked immunity blend made up of Glutathione, Ascorbic
Acid, and Zinc. This high concentration blend of immune boosting essentials is the
ultimate immune system enhancer to help maintain a healthy immune response

$30: Vitamin C- necessary to maintain the health of skin, teeth, bone, cartilage, and blood vessels. May also be beneficial for patients with colds, macular
degeneration, inflammation, skin aging, and in those who have suffered from a stroke.

$35: Vitamin D-When you are deficient with Vitamin D (a hormone), it will lead to several other health issues.  Vitamin D is more of a multifunctional hormone or prohormone. 

$20: Zinc- Administered in 100ml NS fluid to boost your immunity.  Great for pre and post vacations, attending large crowd functions and more.  May need to monitor zinc levels.


What are hangovers?

Hangovers describe a combination of uncomfortable symptoms that appear after drinking too much alcohol. You might feel sick immediately after drinking too much, later the same night, and even the next morning after a night of heavy drinking. Treatment at My Blooming Health can minimize or shorten the duration of hangover symptoms. 

Hangover infusions: A combination of Pepcid, toradol, B complex, Magnesium and more!  

Hangover drips consist of vitamin infusions that contain fluids, medicines, vitamins, and minerals designed to reduce unpleasant symptoms. Your specialist infuses the drip into your bloodstream for fast absorption, so you can feel better quickly and resume typical daily activities.  

What are the symptoms of hangovers?

The hallmark symptoms of hangers, which occur after drinking alcohol, include:

  • Weakness
  • Headaches
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches
  • Nausea
  • Vertigo
  • Stomachaches
  • Light or sound sensitivity
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Increased blood pressure

However, hangover symptoms and their severity vary from person to person. They also depend on how much alcohol you have had to drink.

These drips provide the body with fluids and nutrients needed to rehydrate and regain energy. My Blooming Health offers numerous additional intravenous (IV) vitamin infusions based on your needs.

What happens during hangover infusions?

During infusions at My Blooming Health, you simply rest comfortably in a relaxing chair while your specialist cleans the treatment area and gently inserts a needle into one of your veins. They infuse fluids, nutrients, and medicine into your blood for 20-30 minutes, sometimes longer. 

During the infusions, you might read a book, listen to music, nap, talk on the phone, work, or browse the internet.

What should I expect after my hangover treatment?

You can expect to feel better immediately after hangover infusions, with symptom improvements continuing over time. Your My Blooming Health provider lets you know when to schedule the next infusion to optimize your health and how you feel. You might need infusions weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis.

Call My Blooming Health or use the online booking feature today to learn more about hangover infusions and determine if they’re right for you.