Gender DNA & Paternity Testing

Gender DNA Test

Gender DNA Test services offered in St Louis County, Overland, MO

If you’d rather not wait until a 20-week ultrasound to know the sex of your unborn baby, see the specialists at My Blooming Health in Overland, Missouri.

Find out the paternity of your child during the appointment if needed.

The experienced medical providers offer eight-week gender DNA tests at walk-in clinics and home visits via a mobile medical service. Call the office to schedule a DNA test, walk in, or use the online booking feature today.

*by appointment only*

Gender DNA Test Q.& A

Offering DNA Paternity testing starting at $180

Positively reflect and know the father of your child by testing with My Blooming Health specialists.  You can learn the paternity during pregnancy, after birth or for an adult child. Any time is the best time to know.  Schedule today and receive your results in 2-5 days.

What are gender DNA tests?

Gender DNA tests available at My Blooming Health are blood tests that are 99.9% accurate in determining the gender of an unborn baby at just eight weeks of pregnancy. 

My Blooming Health partners with SneakPeek, a #1-rated OB/GYN-recommended test that offers fetal sex information. It’s trusted by more than 500,000 moms and top obstetricians. 

What are the benefits of gender DNA tests?

The main benefit of choosing My Blooming Health for gender DNA tests is fast, highly effective results. You can walk into a My Blooming Health clinic to undergo the test or use its mobile services to complete gender DNA testing from the comfort of your home or office. My Blooming Health offers discounted, affordable pricing and top-quality care.

Is gender DNA testing right for me?

Anyone who is pregnant and desires to learn the gender of their unborn baby can benefit from gender DNA testing. Your obstetrician might offer an ultrasound at 20 weeks gestation to confirm the gender and evaluate your baby’s health; however, if you’d like to know the baby’s gender sooner, you have that option.

What happens during gender DNA tests?

During gender DNA testing, you simply make and appointment with My Blooming Health walk-in clinic or schedule the mobile service to come to you at your home or another location of your choice. They clean the area and gently insert a needle into your vein to obtain a blood sample.

If you need additional blood draws to screen for nutritional deficiencies or diseases, My Blooming Health offers these services in addition to gender DNA testing.

What should I expect after gender DNA tests?

After analyzing your blood sample in a lab, the results are emailed to you within 24-48hours. 

To schedule gender DNA testing at My Blooming Health, call the office or use the online booking tool today.